Waterproof tarpaulin fabric outdoor tent sunblock cover

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Waterproof tarpaulin fabric / outdoor tent / Sunblock cover

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Water proof, sunlight block, high tear and tensile strength
  • Factory supplier, quality and cost control directly
  • Supplying to The home depot, Wal-mart, ALDI
  • Factory located in Qingdao, from factory to port 50 minutes, to airport 20 minutes
  • 14 basic colors as the standard colors. Total weight from 50gsm to 270gsm

Product Details

PE tarpaulin apply to outdoor shade protection, camping, cover, PE canvas and garding direction. The PE sheet film was from HDPE and LDPE. LDPE is for coating on both outside. And LDPE is responsible for strength in middle layer.

In our factory PE grain extrude to PE yarn, denier is from 500D to 1300D. Water jet looms with suitable width to save cost. QC will make random checking for coated fabric by color, tear and tensile strength, weight and thickness in factory Lab.

Tarpauin including light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. There is PP rope on edges, eyelet and plastic corner on four corners for reinforcement. Package could be bale, carton box , display box and roll pack.

Our tarpaulin products including general purpose tarps, pool cover, car covers, truck tarp, leno tarp, scaffold tarp and insulated tarps. Meanwhile, we could make PE net for sunlight shade.  

Qingdao Shihong Industry Co.,Ltd.

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