New production line set

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We are very proud to say that at the beginning of March, we finished setting our new production line. This is the fifth line of our factory. We hope to share this great news with our buyers. From year of 2018, our capacity was hard to meet buyers’ increasing quantity, so we decided to add another production line to catch shipment.

The heat sealing machines were brand new to avoid the heating temperature unstable which could lead welding parts torn off easily. Please see our new heating seal machine in bellowing image:

Since we have expanded area of worksite, the largest tarp width our new line can make is around 50 meters. So I believe that we could meet any size that our buyers request.

We are now setting two skilled workers in each process. From heat sealing to package there are totally 92 skilled workers who could guide new workers. 

new heat sealing.jpg

Meanwhile, before new workers doing the mass production there will be two to three weeks for production and safety training. Until now we can make sure that maybe the production speed is little lower than previous lines, but the quality could be guaranteed definitely.


We are sure that the capacity for new line will be improved a lot within one month. With increasing capacity and declining cost, we believe that our new price will be much more competitive than before.

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